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Thank you for visiting our review site on products that can be purchased online. Many people had asked us whether or not it is safe to shop online and the answer is YES. But you will need to take steps to ensure that you will not be cheated. Here are some steps you may want to take before your venture in online purchases.

  • Protect your PC, notebook & handphone devices with Anti-virus software. This will ensure that you will not have your credit card account being stolen by hackers.

  • If your anti-virus software does not come with spyware or malware support then you will need to install them for protection.

  • Never reveal your personal details when you receive emails asking them. No banking agents will need you to supply such information. Call the bank to confirm.

  • Never click link on email for important sites like banking or shopping. Good practise is to key in the URL on the browser itself.

  • If in doubt about the site, always ask and check to confirm. This is to avoid by trick into going a phishing site where your credit card info maybe exposed.

  • Buying products using PayPal is safe since it comes with the protection against frauds transaction.

  • Shopping on Amazon is 100% safe as your transaction is going through secure encryption.

Please feel free to check this page as we will be updating product reviews whenever product is being bought and tested. Thank you for your visit and do have a nice day!

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