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COVID-19 Action Plan

As we are all aware that COVID-19 has became pandemic since the spread from human to human had increased tremendously and getting out of control. Every Government agencies around the world are vigorously trying to tackle this problem head on. We understand that there are certain action plans being in place and at times it may seems to be not effective. But we have to understand that this is something which no country had ever experience before and do not really have the ultimate solution of stopping it. Therefore we should not be putting blame or pointing fingers at the situation but instead should join force as UNITED people to handle it properly.

This means that we should declare it as people's war against the COVID-19 and help one another to reduce the risk of spreading and help to put an end to this deadly virus. There are certain preventive measures we can undertake as to curb further spreading.

1. One month's isolation for all people at the SAME time to allow the human to human transmission to cease. We need to cooperate with Government as well as to the people we love to put an end to this.

2. Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds as to prevent the virus staying on it. This helps to get rid of it. Remember to wash your hands each time before touching your face. Do it before & after meals as well as when you are using the toilets. Practice good personal hygiene to avoid being infected.

3. If you need to go public places to buy essentials then please do remember to wear a mask and keep a safe distance between you and the people around you. Avoid talking and once you are done, return back to home immediately. Avoid gathering in group during the One Month's isolation period.

If everyone can stick to this One Month's isolation at the SAME time then it will bring an end to this deadly virus. Help yourself as to help others to be safe in time of pandemic. We can be united and conquer it.

Please be safe and think about your family and loved ones!

Please download QR Code for TraceTogether in Singapore for better contact tracing.

About Thai Amulets

What do you understand about renting Thai amulets for your protection and blessing? We believe you have seen or heard about people around the world renting the amulets that are being worn around their necks. So, what does that means to the owner of these amulets? You can read about the renting of amulets to have some ideas about it. Anyway, it is believed that Thai amulets have the mystic power of helping people who are in trouble of obstacles hindering them in terms of career, relationship or health. It helps to avert or overcome these difficulties that maybe face in near future.

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We all have our own experience when comes to adapting to any sort of change in our lives can prove to be a stressful kind of thing. There is always one thing that I have ever learned in my life is that whenever there is a sort of change, it is best to keep ourselves in a positive attitude. In order to achieve calmness in mind, it will be doing some sort of meditation as to keep whatever it is to be in perspective manner. Sometimes when talking to friends about being apprehensive with regards to change that I might be doing in my life and how would I cope with it. Then she would tell me a story about her buying a car that was more than 10 years ago and it was parked in outside her house in the alley.

Just at the right time when she came out of the house to see a car happened to scrape her car in the front fender. Then she continued to relate the incident of her car and how she tried to be calm at that moment with meditation and being focused of what had happened to her car. She recalled that the driver of the car came out and threw his hat on the road before using his hands to hold his head with it. From her observation, she quickly understood that the guy didn't have the cash to pay for the damage on her car and tears came out from his eyes.

She said that she had continued doing her meditation in order to keep things in perspective as she walked towards the guy and noticed that he was very nervous. He was sort of expecting her to say things like you were an idiot or are you ready blind or anything that would be mean to him as he was feeling terrible about it. As she approached the guy, she just said to him - Don't worry about the accident and have a nice day ahead. That really surprised him as he couldn't believe what she had said to him. Then he started crying with tears of joy and gave a good hug to my friend. He quickly went back to his wife who was in the car wondering what they were going to do about the accident. He hugged his wife and started to introduce her to my friend instead.

They continued talking with my friend who confided with them how she had applied the meditation to allow her to be as calm as possible since she had a bad temper in her past that created lot of issues in her life. In the end, the man and his wife had became best friends with my friend. After more than 10 years later, the man has passed away while his wife is in the elderly home as my friend still visit her regularly every week while talking about the day how to meet each other.

From what I learned that meditation is a good way to help anyone in any sort of situation to be calm and not to act on impulse as not to regret later on. So you will be able to handle any sort of situation in a calm manner and act responsibly. With our conversation in mind, I learn as how I can adapt to change and allowing myself to have positive thinking to be able to handle any sort of bad situation into something that will have a special meaning in my life. After finishing our conversation, I started to use meditation to allow myself to relax and finally get myself to feel better in life.

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