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Calcium with Vitamin D Supplement

Preventive measure for Acid Reflux


Value Size
Supports Strong Bones & Teeth
Dietary Supplement

100% Free Of:
No Dairy/Lactose
No Artificial Flavors
Certified Gluten Free

Smart Facts:
No Artificial Colors
No Preservatives
Adequate calcium and vitamin D throughout life, as part of a well-balanced diet, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Our Review

We are now in our old age and that will mean we will be losing calcium in our bodies. This will be bad if we happen to fall as our bones will be brittle and easily broken. In order for us to maintain a certain amount of calcium in our bodies, we have to rely on supplement since our daily intake of calcium by eating food is not sufficient.

We had tried several brands of calcium and went for testing for our bone mass to see the result. Finally, we found this supplement that works for us. It requires at least 9 months of taking the supplement before you can test and see the result of the calcium being absorbed into your body. So our tests with different brands of calcium took us a few years.

We believe every person will have different results as it will depend on your body absorption of the calcium supplement. We choose this brand since it also contain Vitamin D3 that helps the absorption of calcium. Even though we can get Vitamin D from the natural sunlight but nowadays the heat is too much to handle as we do not want to get heat stroke by staying out too long in the sun. We do recommend for those who want to have calcium supplement to try this and do a test after at least 9 months of comsumption to see if there is improvement. Of course you have to do a test before taking it and then 9 months later to confirm whether it helps you or not. This will be a long term type of supplement where it helps to maintain the balance of calcium in your body so that your bones will not be brittle.

As for delivery, it is pretty fast as we received the product within 3 to 5 days depending on which day we order the item and it comes directly from USA. We do strongly recommend purchases from this online site.

Here is the online site where we make our purchases. You can check out - 5% Discount Code - HEN0495 and search for Sea Sundown Naturals Calcium.

Function of Sundown Naturals Calcium Supplement:

We understand that our body requires calcium to build and maintain strong bones. This means that other parts of your body including heart, muscles and nerves also need calcium to function properly. Research made over the years also suggest that calcium together with vitamin D will have additional benefits other than bone health which means can aid with cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Review about Feng Shui

Feng Shui Concept evolves around you & family members.

Have you ever wonder at times why things are happening in your life and whether or not you can make changes in your own destiny as preventive measures for all the bad things or dangers to be avoided? If things in your life are not going too smoothly or you encounter obstacles in your career or business, do you know that by simple application of Feng Shui concept, you will be able to avert certain issues and turn things around?

Then what is Feng Shui about? The words Feng means wind and Shui means water. So, if you simply apply the art of placement with Feng Shui in mind, then you will be able to direct the positive Qi in the application for altering your life. Feng Shui requires knowledge of using Bazi, Flying Stars, 8 Mansion method, QiMen technique and many others methods of applications.

For starters, you will need to know about your personal KUA number that can easily be calculated based on your birth date or you can use the Kua Calculator for a quick calculation and let you know which includes the 4 Best Directions as well as the 4 Bad Directions you need to avoid. It will explain each direction and what it means. The words Facing Direction is meant that when you are looking at that direction.

After you discover your Kua Number that defines whether you are East or West Group to classfied best location of having your house to benefit with Feng Shui. You also must remember to take note of your 4 Best directions so that whatever you do, you simply be sure that you are Facing that direction. This will include while sitting at your workplace, eating for lunch, dinner as well as tea break and lastly sleeping. As for sleeping, your head is supposed to point to one of the 4 best directions. Example if you are in poor health, then sleep with your head pointing to Health direction as described in the Kua Calculator.

Feng Shui Tools are available at the site where you will be able to utilize the software for application including Kua number, Flying Stars, Bazi (4 pillars), Baby Sex prediction, Fortune Cookies, Compatibility Test for couples, Bone Weight analysis as well as new added 4 D analysis. New version can be downloaded via the software itself.

For all newbies who want to learn about Feng Shui concept, you stick to the beginner step of knowing your Kua Number that will change your current situation if you remember to face your best direction then know about Bazi (4 pillars) to show your best 10 years cycle ups and downs to apply the correct cures during those downs time. Also you can plot the Flying Stars Chart for your home so you will utilize all those best sectors to collect the positive Qi for wealth, health and good fortune. Bad sectors in the house are meant to avoid with application of yearly flying star that is also available at the site each year's forecast. Equip yourself with this basic knowledge, you will be able to make a change in your destiny. Happy learning and discovering in life. May you be blessed with good fortune and health forever.

Our verdict: Feng Shui application for individual is definitely thumb up!